Did you receive something from us you didn't want

We're sorry.

At Castle Cove Anglican Church we try to chart a reasonable path to connect with our community without causing undue offense or annoyance. Using church volounteers, we therefore do occasionally deliver newsletters or information about upcoming church events to our friends and neighbours in Castle Cove and Roseville Chase.

Many letterboxes indicate the resident's preferences with regard to non Australia Post articles. Our policy is as follows:

• "Australia Post letters only" we do not deliver anything to these letterboxes.
• "Addressed mail only" we do not deliver anything to these letterboxes.
• "No advertising material" we do not deliver anything to these letterboxes. (Even though we feel that our newsletter and invitations to local events are not what most people would have had in mind when they used these decals, we are conscious that they are strictly speaking "advertising" our church.)
• "No Junk Mail" we assume that most people would not regard newsletters from a non-profit community organisation or information about upcoming church events as "junk mail" since it is not of a commercial nature and is not delivered by paid contractors. We therefore include these letterboxes in our deliveries. According to Australia Post's website, "Material deemed to be political, educational, religious and charitable is exempt from "No Junk Mail" signed letterboxes according to standards developed by the Australian Catalogue Association."

The Church has purchased a supply of "no advertising material" stickers which we are making available for free if you would like to receive one. Please us the contact form above to leave us your address, and we will post you one for your letterbox.

We apologise for any annoyance caused. We also apologise if one of our volounteers has inadvertently not followed our policy most likely through carelessness. All delivery instructions given to church members contain these guidelines.